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Distributor for: Iroquois Dump, Scott Platforms & Rack Bodies, Warner Service Bodies, LiftGates, Hoists, Service, Manufacture Custom Bodies, BookMobiles & Repair

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Building and distributing truck equipment
Since 1916

Platform & Rack Bodies

16' rack body with pipe racks
and tuck away lift gate

Heavy duty platform body


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Latest Truck Bodies

Lawn Mower Rack Body

9'6" special rack dump with back pack

Body with tuck under lift gate

14’x96”_HD platform body with
long sill storage

12’ Rack Body with tool boxes,
rail gate, & transfer tank

16’ Special Rack Body

10’ Platform Body with solid removable sides
12’ Rack Body with tuck away lift gate
12’ Rack Body with tuck away
9’ Rack Body with lift gate and painted cab
12’ Rack Body with rail gate

24’ Heavy Duty Platform Body
truck bodies
Single Wheel Rack with
Swing Doors & Ladder Rack
truck bodies
12’ long foreman style truck
truck bodies
Platform Body with
Boxes and Crane
16' Rack Body with Railgate
16' Rack Body with Railgate
truck bodies
16' Scott Standard
Heavy Duty Rack Body
12' long traffic cone truck
12' long traffic cone truck
rack truck bodies
Rack body with rail gate
truck bodies
Landscape Dump Body
rack truck bodies
12' long Mesh style body with boxes
rack truck bodies
18' long dumping flat bed with heavy duty bulkhead
rack truck bodies
14' long platform with short aluminum sides
platform truck bodies
12' rack dump with tuk-a-way
lift gate, ladder racks, & rear swing out doors.
platform truck body
12' rack body with rail gate
platform truck body
9'6" platform dump with removable
sides and rear





truck bodies truck bodies truck bodies truck bodies